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Leadership Council Bluffs

Leadership Council Bluffs

Effective leadership development programs align people, processes, and strategy, incorporate the development of skills, attitudes, and the ability to set and achieve goals, and are sustainable over time.

Leadership Council Bluffs is designed to identify existing andĀ emerging leaders within our community, and help define and enhance each individual leadership style, with an emphasis on the community perspective. Through class sessions, participants will come together as a team, develop an awareness of our community, its history, challenges, and opportunities; and feel motivated to assume leadership roles in community affairs.

Historically, many leadership graduates have gone on to make a positive impact at both our local and state levels. Finally and equally as valuable, are the relationships, both personal and professional, that will evolve during this course and that will endure far beyond graduation.

Graduation from Leadership Council Bluffs is truly a new beginning, not merely a culmination of the preceding nine months!

Youth Leadership Council Bluffs

Youth Leadership Council Bluffs (YLCB) has been developed through the Council Bluffs Chamber of Commerce with a steering committee of community members, which include educators and community stakeholders. YLCB is an exciting opportunity for Council Bluffs and Pottawattamie County to retain mindful, intelligent, and enthusiastic youth in our community. This 8-month leadership program invests in high school Juniors through teaching them about community-minded subjects.

There is a constant need in any community to continually strengthen its young population who represent future employees, entrepreneurs, homeowners/renters, families, and a new tax base. There are lots of reasons youth leave the place where they were raised – some of which includes the availability of jobs, basic quality of life, and cost of living. The challenge for Council Bluffs and surrounding communities is to educate youth about opportunities and advantages that already exist and future plans to grow within each community. It is the main goal of YLCB to provide area youth with a hands-on opportunity to take part in local social and civic functions in order to retain them in our community.

YLCB is designed to create a two-fold investment. Community members and stakeholders invest in the development and education of youth in order to produce socially minded, productive young adults. The community members will support and encourage area youth to excel while lending guidance to find high-quality jobs after secondary education or college studies. In turn, youth become invested in the community because of their experiences and the relationships they have built. Young adults will return to a place where they already have networking ties to find employment and is a secure and safe place to raise a family at a reasonable cost.

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